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Narconon Canada Drug Rehabilitation and Prevention
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Drug Prevention

Narconon Canada supports and encourages drug prevention campaigns and programs throughout the country. With a reasearched and unique approach to drug prevention lectures, Narconon drug prevention centers in Canada have educated thousands of youth on the dangers of drugs and the throes of addiction. By increasing awareness, we help the future generations to take one step closer towards a drug-free life.

Drug Addiction Survey
Drug Rehabilitation

The Narconon drug rehabilitation program includes several components, which are all 100% drug-free. Our drug rehab program does not use or encourage the use of drugs or medication to overcome drug addiction, but instead uses a supervised and regulated nutritional regimen that includes nutritional supplements. Narconon drug rehab facilities can be found in Canada and offer an effective drug rehab program, which has a success rate of over 70%.

Drug Rehabilitation with a 70% Success Rate
Starting a Narconon

Since its establishment in 1966, Narconon has expanded in more than 26 countries and remains a leader in drug-free drug rehabilitation and treatment programs.

Narconon Canada provides complete training and technical expertise to those wishing to open their very own Narconon drug rehabilitation facility or drug prevention center. We provide to our centers managerial skills, along with maintaining among the network the highest level of technical and administrative excellence.

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